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    Enhancing Regional Capabilities on

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    Waste Management – Phase I

    Strengthening the Implementation of Basic Safety Standards and

    Radioactive Waste Management – Phase II

    Preventive and Protective Measures Against Insider

    Threats at Nuclear Facilities

    IAEA’s First Joint Russia-INPRO School Provides Nuclear Energy Insights to Experts from 14 Countries

    More than 40 participants from 14 countries attended the IAEA’s first joint Russia-INPRO School, where Agency and international experts shared their insights on ways to ensure that nuclear energy remains


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    Brief history

    The Radiation Protection Institute (RPI) was constituted to provide scientific and technical support for the now-defunct Radiation Protection Board (RPB), which was established in 1993 by PNDC Law 308 as the national competent authority for the authorization and inspection of practices using radiation sources and radioactive materials in Ghana.

    Currently, the Atomic Energy Act 204 of 1963, has been replaced by the Atomic Energy Act 588 of 2000, which established the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC). Under Act 588, RPI was established to provide technical support to the then Radiation Protection Board (RPB) established under GAEC by PNDCL 308 of 1993 to perform regulatory functions.


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